Artist of the Year

CAA Artists earn points from entering and placing in our bimonthly art shows. At the end of the year, the CAA artist who has earned the most points is awarded "Artist of the Year". We celebrate their accomplishment with a special dinner, their name added to our perpetual plaque, and a solo art show.


Lani Britain


Artist of the Year

Lani is CAA's Gallery Gift Shop Coordinator, and comes from a family of artists. Lani’s mediums of choice include a variety of 2-D applications, including oils, watercolors, acrylics, pastels, pencil, and charcoal. Additionally, Lani is an avid photographer, seamstress, and gardener. When reflecting on what she hopes her art brings to the world, she says , “happiness, joy, and an appreciation for all of the wonders of nature and the natural world”.

Lani's CAA Artist Page

Janet Griffith


Artist of the Year

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Bill Gorajia


Artist of the Year

Norma White


Artist of the Year