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Step 3: Pay your membership dues

Step 1: Complete the application

Step 2: Submit the  application

Step 1: Complete the online application below
Step 2: Submit the application
Step 3: Pay your membership dues

If you prefer to pay cash, please fill out the application online and come to the gallery to pay.

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Corona Art Association
Membership Application

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Membership dues are nonrefundable donations. Prorated dues for first-time members only; Returning members rejoining after July 1 must pay full membership dues. Annual dues are due on January 1. Memberships lapse if renewals not paid by March 1.

The Corona Art Association promotes art sales, education, community programs, artist activities, events, and announcements as they relate to the functioning, goals, and operation of the organization through the press, Internet, newsletter and other publications and platforms. Photographs of your artwork, likeness, name, and activities associated with the Corona Art Association may be published in print, electronically, and online to promote art and the organization. By joining CAA you are agreeing to these terms and conditions of membership. There can be no exceptions.

The Corona Art Association is more than a social club. It is a community service nonprofit organization. All members are expected to volunteer their time helping CAA fulful its mission. Each artist exhibiting in a bimonthly art show is expected staff the gallery for at least four hours per month or provide a workshop or demonstration in lieu of gallery sitting hours. All members are expected to serve on CAA committees; to purchase special event tickets; to participate in community events, workshops, meetings, art shows, art fairs, and other activities CAA participates in. An engaged membership is essential to the operation of the organization. If you prefer to support CAA by making a monetary donation only, please use the "Donate" button in the footer of the website. We appreciate financial support tremendously, but we also need our members to actively participate and we need to be able to count on everyone to do their part.

Members are automatically subscribed to all of our mailing lists and electronic communications, including email, telephone, text messaging. Members may not opt out of or unsubscribe from official CAA communications.

By submitting your application, you are agreeing to the above.

Thank you for joining the Corona Art Association!
Your application is complete when payment is processed.​​

After completing your application, pay your dues below:

Select your membership from the list below and pay via the button.
After July 1, select "Half Year" pricing (for NEW members only).
All memberships are pending processing of dues payment.


For couples memberships, please complete an application for each person with one payment.

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