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Autumn Haunt
Virtual Art Challenge

We are pleased to announce the winners of our 2022 Autumn Haunt Virtual Art Challenge! Before we do, we thank everyone who participated, and want to say, the reason to create art should not be to win a prize, it should be for personal satisfaction. If you felt accomplished and satisfied with the work you did, that is all that really matters. Keep creating!

About the Judge

All entries were judged by professional artist M. Elizabeth Sharma-Shimek. Liz, as she is known to her friends, has lived and worked in California, Hawaii, Arizona, and Germany, and traveled extensively. Currently, she teaches art at the Canadian International School in Phnom Penn, Cambodia. Her practice includes digital illustration, pastel, and watercolor. She enjoys using bright and vibrant color work with direct compositions. She believes that art is for everyone and is an integral part of the human experience.

Children's Entries

These entries were submitted by CNUSD-area kids and teens. We enjoyed seeing all of the creative and festive artwork make by these young artists! Ribbons will be awarded for their efforts.

1st Place: "Trick or Treat" by Vienna Zhou. Judge's comments: "I chose this piece for the fabulous point of view. Which is flying over the city and is surrounded by gleeful pumpkins and candy it’s just delightful and happy but spooky."

2nd Place: "Little Witch’s First Year in Hogwarts" by Victoria Zhou. Judge's comments: "I chose little witch for second place because of the fabulous interplay between different media. Contrast between the details of the colored pencil in the beautiful colorful sky and water play just the delights the eye"

3rd Place: "Autumn Haunt 2022" by Rayna Gandhe. Judge's comments: "I chose this piece because of the story it tells. The young artist chose a very difficult composition and I just feel like I’m there with the guests loading pumpkins!"

Honorable Mentions: "Autumn Colors" by Ameya Nair; "Autumn Haunt" by Sai Sreehith Devunuri; "The Haunted House" by Oliver Reyes

Adult Entries

1st Place: "La Catrina" by Lori Alarcon. Judge's comments: "I chose this piece, number one, because of the beautiful textures that were achieved with the pastel on the velvet. All of the shapes of the flowers are just spot on and the blue eyes are piercing. It is spooky and beautiful and hunting all at the same time."

Lori will receive $10 for her first place win.

2nd Place: "Botanical Skulls" by Becky Floyd. Judge's comments: "I love the color choices and the hinged jaw line. The shapes of the flowers were all chosen perfectly to create a skull out of flowers! It’s beautiful to look at and alluring."

Becky will receive $7.

3rd Place: "The Key of Hallow" by Crystal Miao. Judge's comments: I love that it’s telling a story and it’s very technically confident. My eyes are just drawn to the moving water around the turtles feet and to the smiling happy faces of the creatures."

Crystal will receive $3.

Honorable Mentions: All remaining entries received Honorable Mention.

We thank all of our participants and encourage you to continue making art for joy of it!

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