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Autumn Haunt

Virtual Art Challenge

We are pleased to announce the winners of our Autumn Haunt 2021 Virtual Art Challenge! Before we do, we thank everyone who participated, and want to say, the reason to create art should not be to win a prize, it should be for personal satisfaction. If you felt accomplished and satisfied with the work you did, that is all that really matters. Keep creating!


First up, the K-12 CNUSD area entries. We received over two dozen fun, creative, and colorful entries from our local kids this year! Some of our CAA board members took a look at them and agreed the following were especially well done in terms of theme and composition. These kids will receive award ribbons for their efforts.

1st - Ryleigh Kennedy-Salver

2nd - Taha Shah

3rd - Meson Aukerman

Honorable Mentions - Autumn Lance, Yaxel Martinez, Olive Vargas


The Adult category was judged by artist John Bagley, Jr.

John Bagley Jr  is a self-taught Mixed media, Assemblage artist residing in Upland, CA, originally from Upstate NY. His art process is spontaneous , it develops along the way. A found object usually inspires him and an art piece is born. He works in many mediums including, mixed media, collage, and painting; he loves texture, color, and form. In the past few years he has focused on assemblage art and sculpture; it feels very natural for him and allows him to use his mediums in his creations. John has always loved nature and history. As a child he would often hunt for discarded objects, collect them, and create art. The majority of his art pieces include vintage found objects, which allows him to recycle items every opportunity he can. In his art discarded objects are transformed and reassembled into an art piece that tells a story. He enjoys expressing himself in every detail, and a unique one of a kind piece of art. He hopes to evoke emotion from his art. Bringing the past into the present and reconstructing an original work of art is his focus.

1st Place  goes to Crystal(Chanyu) Miao - A Witch's Cottage, Acrylic Paint.


Originality , fine detail , Composition , theme , overall well executed painting


2nd Place goes to Becky Floyd - Stained Glass Mosaic Pumpkin.


Originality , detail, theme , well executed 3-D art work


3rd Place goes to Lori Alarcon - PumpkinHead Self Portrait.


Originality , composition, theme, details . Artful



Of the 10 entries we received, the following were awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Winners will receive $20, $10, and $5 respectively.