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Virtual Art Challenge

We are pleased to announce the winners of our 2022 Springtime Virtual Art Challenge! Before we do, we thank everyone who participated, and want to say, the reason to create art should not be to win a prize, it should be for personal satisfaction. If you felt accomplished and satisfied with the work you did, that is all that really matters. Keep creating!

Children's Entries

The entries submitted by CNUSD-area kids and teens were reviewed by several members of the CAA board of directors. We enjoyed seeing all of the creative and festive artwork make by these young artists! The following pieces particularly embodied the spirit of this art challenge. Ribbons will be awarded for their efforts.

1st Place: Victoria Zhou, age 6; "My Magical Garden", Mixed Media

Comments: "Fun and whimsical, the scene shows the many facets of spring! The artist has truly captured the spirit of the assignment, and with great skill for someone so young. Great use of color, perspective, and mixed media components to give depth to this lively tableau. The ants, in particular, make us laugh!"

2nd Place:  Shrikar Arun, age 11; "A Spring Evening", Paint On Canvas

Comments: "The bright colors are redolent of a springtime sunset! The artist captured the perspective of the tree on a hill backlit by a setting sun over the water reflecting the purples and reds of the last moments of the sun as it descends into the horizon. The cloud formations are superb."

3rd Place: Harper Bostic, age 9; "Lovely Sunflower", Chalk

Comments: "This early sunflower is rendered in chalk pastels which gives it a softness consistent with the spring air. The colors contrasting with the dark background give depth and focus to the details of the petals. We are delighted by this young artist exploring the chalk medium!"