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Art In Isolation Winners

Art in Isolation Kids and Teens Challenge


Week 1 Kids (6-12)

1st Gowri – In-n-Out

2nd Linda – My Favorite Drink

3rd Hannah – Hannah’s Favorite Foods


Week 1 Teens

1st Britney - My Favorite Food

2nd Jordan P - Root beer Float


Week 2 Kids

1st Michelle – The Peacock

2nd Isabella – This is a Toucan

3rd Dev – Tiger’s Face


Week 2 Teens

1st Izabel – Talons

2nd Jessica- Spyro

3rd Chelsea – Among the Roses

Week 3 Kids

1st Cora – Shy Bunny

2nd Savanna – The Cute Fluffy Easter Bunny

3rd Devon – Untitled


Week 3 Teens

1st Taylor – Pankake Easter

2nd Jordan – Egg Hunt

3rd Alexa – Doggie


Week 4 Kids

1st Jaziel – A Dog with a Cherry on Top

2nd Cari – Macaroon Lovers

3rd Ruby – My Favorite Dessert


Week 4 Teens

1st Elizabeth – Spring Surprise

2nd Makayla – Untitled

3rd Britney  – What Makes Me Smile


Week 5 Kids

1st Emma – Digital art from Wings of Fire series

2nd Brayden and McKenna – Stained Glass Style Window Art

3rd Irina – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


Week 5 Teens

1st Purbita – based on the Poem, The Mountain Sat Upon the Plain

2nd Athena  - Inspired by Lord of the Flies

3rd Britney – The Story of the Man Who Gave Up His Life for Your Heart

The winners will be invited to the Gallery to pick up their ribbons and hang their work in an art show some time after we re-open. Congratulations everyone!

Art in Isolation CAA Members/Adults Challenge

We invited community leader, Eugene Montanez, to serve as our judge of the 100 adult artist entries.  Eugene Montanez is owner of Allegra Marketing Print Mail in Corona, and a former Corona City Council Member, Mayor and Vice Mayor.

1st prize goes to artist Lori Alarcon for Daisy, from The Great Gatsby, which appeared in week five. In commenting why this piece took the top prize, Eugene said, “The level of detail in this piece is impressive.” Lori receives $80.00 for her win.


2nd prize is awarded to artist Janet Griffith for Oops, the Easter Eggs Hatched. Griffith selected an unusual medium for her piece—a palm frond. Eugene said, “Again, the level of detail and all the work that went into this piece is amazing. It’s very well done—very cool.” For her unusual and striking piece that appeared in the week three show, Janet receives $60.00.


3rd prize goes to artist Bill Gorajia for Got One, which Eugene said, “I found this piece whimsical and I really enjoy photography.”  For his week-four photographic art, Bill receives $40.00.

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