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Makes Me Smile

or Laugh Out Loud

Virtual Art Challenge

Our guest judge for this art challenge is writer, poet, publisher, Denise Toro. Denise is founder of the non-profit "Arts of Poetry" magazine which promotes artists and poets in the Inland Empire.

And the awards go to...


1st place - "Rolling Into Fun" by Hailey L.

Judges comments: Pretty poppy happy roller skating Flamingo. Very funny and cute idea.

2nd place - "Will You Laugh at My Giraffe" by Sarah M.

Judges comments: Giraffe's face makes me smile.

3rd - Secret Selfies - Athena L.

Judges comments: Teenage girl's smile, trying to feel pretty.



1st - "Three Things That Make Me Smile" by Lori Alarcon.

Judges comments: Great happy smile. The dog is a fun touch.

2nd - "Spooky the Cat" by Bruce Logan

Judges comments: This cat makes me laugh.

3rd - "Cosmo-sis"by Becky Floyd

Judges comments: Cat looks sweet and comfortable.