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Makes Me Smile

or Laugh Out Loud

Virtual Art Challenge

Our guest judge for this art challenge is writer, poet, publisher, Denise Toro. Denise is founder of the non-profit "Arts of Poetry" magazine which promotes artists and poets in the Inland Empire.

And the awards go to...


1st place - "Rolling Into Fun" by Hailey L.

Judges comments: Pretty poppy happy roller skating Flamingo. Very funny and cute idea.

2nd place - "Will You Laugh at My Giraffe" by Sarah M.

Judges comments: Giraffe's face makes me smile.

3rd - Secret Selfies - Athena L.

Judges comments: Teenage girl's smile, trying to feel pretty.



1st - "Three Things That Make Me Smile" by Lori Alarcon.

Judges comments: Great happy smile. The dog is a fun touch.

2nd - "Spooky the Cat" by Bruce Logan

Judges comments: This cat makes me laugh.

3rd - "Cosmo-sis"by Becky Floyd

Judges comments: Cat looks sweet and comfortable. 

Due date:  March 26, 2021, 5:00 p.m.


We have all been challenged with difficult and stressful situations at some point in our lives, and even more so with COVID-19.  We are also cautiously optimistic for the potential of our unpredictable future.  With art we can express our feelings and escape, if only for a moment, to find peace. 


In many cases, we have funny or amusing stories, favorite foods, events, or places we have visited, that when thought of, make us smile.  Would you share your art of that one (or two, or three) thing(s) that simply makes you smile or laugh out loud?  Is it that tattered one eared, one eyed, furless rabbit, that you hide from everyone in a box under your bed, from your childhood, over forty years ago? Or is it that rusted Tonka truck at a flea market, that reminds you of your carefree days of playing in the mud and tormenting your sister and her friends with bugs.  For our young artists, simply, what makes you smile?


 All of the submission instructions can be found on our website here:


Good luck, you have two weeks to complete your art!  Join us, Art Happens Here!


Entries are due by 5pm on Friday, March 26th.  CNUSD service area K-12 students enter for FREE (limit 1 entry).  Adults may enter up to 3 pieces: $10 initial entry fee (1 entry), 2 entries cost $15 and 3 entries $20 total. 


  • Submissions should be the original artwork of the participant.

  • The subject can be created in any medium, surface or size.

  • Photographs of your work should be centered, straight, have good lighting with no glares or shadows, and be no less than 200 KB in size.

  • Your  art submissions will be posted on the CAA Website, Facebook and  Instagram, where you can view the work submitted by participating  members.

  • Awards  will be based on the total submissions for both themes. Monetary awards  will be issued to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of the ADULTS  competition only, half of all proceeds will be applied to the Corona Art  Association operational costs. Children and Teens (K-12 students) will  be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons (no cash prizes).


  • Adults residing in the Corona, CA area (including all Inland Empire communities and nearby cities) and CAA members:The donation for this art challenge is $10.00 for one entry, $15.00 for two, or $20 for three. You will be limited to three submissions total. Go to to register and pay online. Email a GOOD (see above) photo of your artwork to along with your NAME, the TITLE of the piece, and the MEDIUM before 5pm on the due date.

  • Children/teens (including high schoolers aged 18) living  in the CNUSD service area enter for FREE (limit 1) and will be awarded 1st, 2nd  and 3rd place ribbons. No need to RSVP or register, PARENTS simply email  a good photo (see above) of your child’s TITLED artwork to along with their NAME, AGE and SCHOOL before the deadlines.

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