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Happy New Year, National Hobby Month and "Celebration!"Art Show

Updated: Jan 13

Welcome to a new year at the Corona Art Association. The following is a New Year message from our President, Laureen....

A challenge for 2022: Set a mindful goal to create art for your personal well-being

I have been reflecting on the many challenging opportunities and successes of the Corona Art Association (C.A.A.) in 2021. The C.A.A. was ready for these events because our volunteer members boldly stepped up to make things happen! We are a 100% volunteer organization, fully supported by members. We generate income from Gallery Gift Shop sales, donations, and proceeds from classes and workshops led by C.A.A. artists. The C.A.A. also generates income from bi-monthly gallery and online art shows, restaurant fundraisers, and AmazonSmile purchase donations. Thank you everyone, who supported the C.A.A. in 2021. Thank you to the 2021 C.A.A. Board, you are a great team! Your leadership and tenacity made C.A.A. ready for the challenging opportunities and successes of 2021!

Are you ready for the 2022 challenge? Each new year brings renewed hope for the future, then we go about setting New Year resolutions. These resolutions, often made without a plan, fade away before Valentine’s Day. For many, immersing ourselves in art takes a back seat to family, work, and other responsibilities. This year, I challenge you to set at least one mindful goal, for your personal well-being, to create art. Define a plan or checklist to incorporate your goal into an easily achievable daily habit. Ensure that your family and friends are aware of your commitment to your daily personal well-being. Then, push your creativity in 2022!

Today, art is commonly recognized as a tool for relieving stress, promoting mental calmness, and elevating mood. The C.A.A. needs you! So, take care of yourself, set a mindful goal for your personal well-being, create art in 2022! Join us in the gallery during open studio, take a class or workshop, create or share art on Sunday’s at the gallery during Member Mingle or simply meet up with your C.A.A. friends to have lunch and share current art ideas.

“Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can.” - Danny Kaye</